August 10, 2020

What are the tips to create the best chinchilla cage setup?

By Warren Cole Smith

Once you know clearly about all the basic things you should place in the best chinchilla cage setup. You also should know how to properly choosing them. Set up the new cage is the aspect that should not be lookover.

It is not advice to get the budget-friendly option to saving money, since your chinchilla can be the long-term companions with you. This is why in this post, we will give you some tips to properly choosing the perfect items for chinchilla’s cage set up.

#1 Go with metal, no plastic at all

As mention above, chinchilla can be the long-term companions since they can live for 10-20 years. This is why choosing the durable chinchilla cage that can go with them a long time is vey important. Chinchillas are rodents; they tent to chew everything around them to wear down their teeth. Cages made of plastic and anything other than metal tend to not last long with chinchillas.

Not only that, chew on plastics can be toxic and unhealthy for chinchillas. Therefor, not only cage but also all the accessories and equipment inside the cage also should not made of plastics. Metal cage is always the recommended to use as it cannot be chewed.

#2 Horizontal bars cage is better than vertical ones

It sound roughly strange at first but horizontal bats are usually have smaller gaps, which will prevent your chinchillas from being caught and escaping. Beside, the Horizontal bars are more flexible, it allows you to easy attach water bottles, hay racks, wheels and some other accessories on the side of the cage.

The bigger gaps of vertical cages also make the small legs of chinchilla easy to get through and stuck,

#3 A heavy food bowl, not plastic

As you know, chinchilla prefer to climb and jump inside their cage. And they may accidently kick and tip the food bowl, make it turned over. You recommend to go with the ceramic bowls. It will ensure your chinchilla can be able to chew it. And it also heavier ensures that when my chinchillas happen to jump or push against it, the food does not spill.

There are also the second options that you can get the cage that contains food bowl that attach to the bottom of cages. This kind of bowls are also work great with the jumper chinchilla. However, it may get hard for you when cleaning daily.