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April 21, 2020

Buying Guide: Best Scopes for .338 Lapua Magnum

According to historians, best scopes for .338 lapua magnum was developed as one of the most important cartridges in the latter 20th century. The novel design of the cartridge allowed it to surpass its predecessors as a handy long-range rifle.

What makes 338 Lapua Magnum a dominant force

One can’t deny the significance of this long-range rifle. It was initially designed in a way to penetrate body armor within a 1000-meter range. However, later it has been effectively utilized up to 1500 meters and beyond.

It was also known as the 8.6x70mm, was originally developed in 1983 as a long-range sniper cartridge for the U.S. Navy. It was considered as a very potent force then and surpassed all the major long-ranged rifles then. It is responsible for the longest range sniper kill in the combat at 2,707 yards, making it a dominant force even now.

Scopes for 338 Lapua

If you’ve been owning a 338 Lapua Magnum sniper, you can’t afford to miss your target. However, if you don’t have a precise rifle scope, you can’t really expect to hit the target. Therefore, one needs the best scope in order to cope with this issue.

Whether you’re a hunter or a weekend range regular, buying a rifle scope can prove to be a difficult job, owing to the fact that you don’t know what to look for. So, to make things easy, one can look for these features within the scope.

Buying guide of scopes for 338 Lapua Magnum rifle

#1 Magnification

As we know that 338 Lapua is made for very long-range shooting. Hence, a scope with the most better magnification is preferred in order to comply with the attributes of the rifle.

#2 Construction of scope

The construction or body of the scope also matters. It varies in diameter of 25mm, 30mm, and 34mm. Due to its long-range capacity, a scope with a larger tube is preferred.

#3 Light transmission

For a better aim, you need to produce brighter, clear, and crisp images with the best contrast possible. As one can’t really predict the time of hunting and one needs to cover their backs at the night time. This makes light transmission a vital feature.

#4 Parallax

These are not usually present in the short-range scopes but utilized for long-ranged distances due to high power. So, for the optimum working of 330 Lapua scope parallax can play a huge role.

#5 Eye Relief

Don’t give a second thought when thinking about the recoil of a rifle of this caliber. Undoubtedly, the recoil is quite immense. For that reason, the scope for 338 Lapua should have good eye relief is mandatory in order to nullify the recoiling effects.

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March 27, 2020

All you ever need to know about Odyssey batteries

Odyssey batteries have a huge power source to start. At the same time they have high-cycle capacities. Odyssey batteries not only have great power sources, but can also unload at any given moment. This is because these premium batteries have a high quality and contain 99,9% clear led. Odyssey batteries have battery plated that use ledden and old led. This plates are extremely thin. Because of this there is a larger capacity in the battery. More ledden plates, simply cause more power.

Odyssey batteries are designed to:

  • Last three times as long as a normal battery
  • Clear ledden plates connection
  • Shock robust
  • Robust cel connection
  • Meets the agreements of military specifications
  • Build for every demanding user

They are also designed (mainly) for the following vehicles:

  • Motor bikes
  • Transport and trucks
  • Industry and agriculture
  • Marine and boots
  • Recreative water sports
  • Regular cars, taxi’s and busses

It must be clear now that odyssey batteries are not common. There are however also some bad points about these batteries. People who love the environment are strictly against these products. They are very hard to destroy and when throw into the nature it can cause serious harm to soil, plants and animals. The process time to destroy or reprocess an odyssey battery takes three times longer than a normal battery. The most odyssey batteries are also hard to charge, when you buy a good charger, you will have to pay a minimum of $100.- and up. Because the cells are so strong, the material is also very hard to remove. There are around 100 items in just one battery.

March 8, 2020

RSO – Rick Simpson Oil

RSO is short for Rick-Simpson-Oil, oil that is made from buds of the
Hemp plant. So it’s very concentrated cannabis medication. People swear by
it, as it appears to have healing effects that are much better, than those of
usually prescribed drugs. How to make rso. Yet a lot of doctors think otherwise. The discus-sion about the so-called »big Pharma« rises; legalisation of this plant is re-considered across the world; but does it really help? Who is the creator?
Does he have any proof?
Rick Simpson provides instructions and medication on Hemp oil since
2003. But his Cannabis oil journey starts a little earlier. In 1997 he worked
as an engineer in a Canadian hospital. There, he suffered from an accident,
which left him with a few injuries, such as a permanent Tinnitus and other
pains. Prescribed drugs from his doctor didn’t help, sometimes they made
his suffering worse. After learning, that Cannabis has been used throughout
human history to heal and medicate people – in addition paper and textiles
can be created with hemp, which makes it even more attractive –, he started
experimenting with Cannabis. After successfully creating the concentrated
Hemp oil, now known as RSO, he started treating himself. And it worked!
He healed his injuries much better and more efficiently than any prescribed
medicine he ever received.

In addition you may also want to see: Dry Ice Hash.

The doctors, as you would expect, weren’t convinced. But at this point
Rick Simpson would have another chance to convince them. In 2003 doc-
tors discovered small bumps on Rick Simpson’s arm. No doubt: skin cancer.
Rick Simpson decided to treat the cancer himself, since he had heard from a
study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which found out that
Cannabis killed cancer cells in mice. He applied his concentrated oil on a
bandage and left it on the bumps for several days. Four days later, he remo-
ved the bandage – the cancerous growth had disappeared! Though, his doc-
tor’s still didn’t believe him, he believed in the healing effects on Cannabis.
People who suffered from cancer heard about Rick Simpson, asked him for
help and he provided the oil, taking no money from his customers.

There are countless studies, that support the healing properties of Hemp,
nevertheless many doctors just don’t support them, just as they don’t believe
Rick Simpson. RSO oil cancer. Nevertheless, people still got his medicine instead of the
drugs they got in pharmacies; so the word about RSO spread and as a result
of this fame, Simpson’s home was raided multiple times by the police,
thousands of home grown plants confiscated, cut down, destroyed, as Can-
nabis wasn’t legal and a very difficult and confusing topic to handle. Now,
Hemp isn’t completely illegal in Canada and many other countries started to!
1reconsider the laws surrounding Cannabis. Some completely legalise Hemp,
others legalise it for medical use only.
Now, as the health benefits of Hemp are pretty obvious, the question still
remains: How do you produce it? You can, of course, buy it, but you can
also do it yourself! Rick Simpson published a step by step guide on how to
make RSO. As it is quite lengthy, I summarised it below.

What you need:

– 1 pound of dried cannabis material (indica strain)
– 2 gallons of solvent – 99% isopropyl alcohol (can also use butane,
ethanol, or other solvent)
– 5-gallon bucket
– A deep bowl
– Wooden spoon for stirring
– Cheesecloth
– Rice cooker
– Plastic catheter tip syringe (60ml)

(This recipe produces 60 grams of oil for a 90-day treatment. If you requi-
re less, just divide the ingredients.)

First of all, place the dry cannabis into the 5-gallon bucket and pour in the
solvent, until the plant is covered.
Then you need to stir and crush the plant with the wooden spoon, whilst
adding more of the solvent. Keep stirring for three more minutes. Doing
that, around 80% of THC will dissolve into the solvent.
After that, drain the solvent from the plant into your bowl. Use the
cheesecloth to keep the plant inside the bucket. Add more solvent to the
plant in the bucket and stir for another three minutes.
Drain the solvent again using the cheesecloth. The plant can be thrown
away, keep the solvent.
Now, put the solvent into the rice cooker until it’s about three quarters
full. Turn it on and wait. A rice cooker is efficient to use, as its temperature
is steady and not too hot. A temperature of 148 degrees Celsius will burn
your mixture and it will be unusable. So the rice cooker should be set to a
temperature of 100 to 110 degrees Celsius (210 and 230 degrees
As the rice cooker heats up and parts of the solvent evaporate keep adding
more of your mixture. Note, that you need to keep the rice cooker in a well-
ventilated area and far away from flames, as the solvent is easily combusti-
Once the solvent evaporated, fill your syringe with it. You can dose the
RSO easily that way. If the RSO is too thick, run the syringe under hot water
beforehand. Bad reaction to weed. This will make siphoning the oil into the syringe easier.
Using RSO is a little bit tricky: Usually you should consult your doctor
first about starting a new treatment regiment, but some doctors don’t believe
in the healing properties of Hemp, as described above. Rick Simpson pu-
blished his own treatment regiment.
One patient should gradually consume 60 grams of RSO in 90 days. So
you start out your first week with three doses every day, each drop should be
the size of a grain of rice; weeks 2 through 5 you should double the dose
every four days; weeks 5 through 12 you take one gram of RSO, which are
around 9 drops per day every eight hours.


January 21, 2020


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January 21, 2020

About Warren Cole Smith

Warren Cole Smith has over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, marketing professional, and entrepreneur.

Warren is the associate publisher of WORLD Magazine, the nation’s largest Christian news magazine. He has also served as the publisher and editor of the Evangelical Press News Service, a “wire service” for approximately 100 Christian newspapers with a combined print-run of more than 1-million each month.  Before launching a career in Christian journalism, Warren spent over seven years as the Marketing Director for a major division of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a “Big Five” accounting firm.

Warren honed his story-telling skills by writing outdoor and adventure stories — both fiction and non-fiction — for such magazines as Alaska, High Country, High Adventure, and Sports Afield. His essays, reviews, interviews, and articles have also been included in various books, including Public Relations, one of the most widely used college journalism textbooks in the world.

Professional and civic honors include selection to Outstanding Young Men In America and Who’s Who Among American Executives. In 1997 The Business Journal of Charlotte chose him as one of Charlotte’s “40 Under 40,” an annual list of the city’s business and civic leaders under the age of 40.  His monthly editorial column won the Evangelical Press Association’s top prize as “Column of the Year” in 2006.  A series of articles he did on AIDS in India won the Evangelical Press Association’s top prize for feature reporting in 2004.  During his time as publisher and editor of “The Charlotte World,” that paper won more awards from the Evangelical Press Association than any other paper, including twice being named “Newspaper of the Year.”  Smith’s column was named “Column Of The Year” by the EPA and the Fellowship of Christian Newspapers.

Warren has been an active supporter of the Boy Scouts for more than 30 years.  He is an Eagle Scout, and he served for seven years on the staff at Philmont Scout Ranch.  He served two terms as president of the Philmont Staff Association, and he has contributed to or edited four books about Philmont.

His education includes a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in English, both from the University of Georgia. He and his wife Missy have been married for 26 years, and they have four children.  His oldest is a graduate of Grove City College.  He has a son at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Warren and Missy and their two younger children live in Charlotte, N.C.

He speaks often at churches, conferences, and other Christian and political events.  These speeches have included presentations at the national conferences of the Gospel Music Association and the Evangelical Press Association, in addition to hundreds of speeches at local and regional events.

January 21, 2020

About the Book

This will take you to Warren Cole Smith’s Christian Worldview Journalism Institute secure PayPal checkout where you will be able to complete your purchase. You will also have the option to buy multiple copies of A Lover’s Quarrel With The Evangelical Church. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

A Lover’s Quarrel With The Evangelical Church

Since World War II, there has been a flowering of evangelical activity and parachurch organizations. But something troubling has happened in spite of this growth – and the political and financial power it has created. Overall church attendance is not growing. America’s high divorce rate is just one of many melancholy cultural indicators. Is it possible that the “evangelical movement” has not been an antidote for this decline, but has actually caused this decline in the health and vigor of the true body of Christ? Using solid research and original interviews with some of America’s leading Christian thinkers, journalist and editor Warren Smith examines the condition of the evangelical movement, offering an assessment of what’s gone wrong as it has grown in power and size – and what must be done if it is to be “salt and light” in a culture in need of redemption.

January 21, 2020

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January 21, 2020

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January 21, 2020

About Me

I’m mom to a pre-teen and two furbabies, and a native New Mexican recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. I spend most of my free time in the kitchen or the craft room or outside with camera in hand. I’m fueled by coffee and waffles.

I run the Facebook group, “I’m Not a Mommy Blogger,” for bloggers to connect with others who don’t focus solely on children and kid-related activities. My other blog, All the V’s, focuses on life in general and is where I let my inner sarcastic nerd run free.

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    I adore this craft! I can’t believe I had a wavy ruler in my throw out pile. I have now removed it and will be using it to make something similar to your artwork. Great job! This post will be featured as my pick this week for the #mum-bomonday & #nannaswisdom link up party. Thanks so much for linking up and we hope to see you again!

    • Steph

      I’ll check my comment settings, something is probably screwy with it. Thanks for letting me know and thank you so much for the feature!

January 8, 2020

Best Backpacks Vacuum Cleaners

What you don’t know about vacuum cleaners

What else can keep your room floor sparkling clean if not vacuum cleaners? Of course, they are so effective in cleaning, that even the tiniest hair-like particles are picked up instantly. Not that they only super-clean your room; they save you from stress and make you keep to time. You won’t spend the whole day doing a thorough cleaning.

Despite their mind-blowing cleaning ability, they’re metals weighing in multi-kilograms. That’s why some of them are not carried about while cleaning. This is one of the cons that discredit them from being portable. However, with the rise of innovations, a generation of vacuum cleaners with more pros than cons have already flooded the market to help both domestic and commercial users work with much ease. Their portability is no longer in question because most of them are light-weighted and can be carried about while cleaning.

Still on their pros; they come with backpacks so that you can carry it about. Don’t worry about the stress of weight, they’re light and portable.

Here are a few things you should know about backpack vacuum cleaners before you make your best selection out there.  Let’s begin:

#1 HEPA filtration

There is nothing as cozy as a room with fresh air, charming-neatness and no odor. That’s why you have to go for the best backpack vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration system. High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system removes microscopic particulates and leftover odors, thereby keeping a cleaner air good even for your body system.

#2 Get Essential Accessories and Attachment

Go for backpack vacuum cleaners that are flexible and extensible. These ones are compatible with important accessories and attachments. With the accessories, vacuum cleaners become extensible, performing different jobs such as cleaning different floor surfaces and even reaching the ceiling to clean it.

#3 Is it bagged?

Before you lay your hands on a new backpack vacuum cleaner, you’ll have to decide whether to go for the backpack bagged or bag-less ones.  Either of them has pros and cons. If you will opt for bagged cleaners, get ready to spend on vacuum bags. They are pretty expensive, and they are not eco-friendly. However, backpacked vacuum cleaners have excellent ability to trap dust and debris and you don’t need filter maintenance.

Aside from the aforementioned details, bag-less cleaners are an alternative choice if you have planned to spend little. It’s really cost-effective because you don’t have to buy vacuum bags. At the other hand, you just have to be cleaning the filters for optimum performance. So get ready, to keeping replacing the filter periodically.


There are more to what you ought to know about vacuum cleaners, and there are new generations of them that will still hit the market. But for now; we have a download of suitable durable vacuum backpacks that are higher than other backpacked cleaners in the scale of quality.

See best backpack vacuum cleaners that are functionally versatile and make your choice today.