April 23, 2020

What Are The Best Guinea Pig Nail Clippers?


Like the human nails, your guinea pig’s nails are also growing. But they cannot trim their own nails. Therefore, you will need to trim their nails to prevent the curling around of nails, which make your guineas pigs hurt and uncomfortable when they walk.

What clippers are best for guinea pig nails?

You can use guinea pig nail clippers what specially designed for them and other small animals; you also can use human nail clippers. Choose the cutting tool that you feel comfortable with and easy to find. The human nail clippers may do not have enough gap between two blades to fit with guinea pig’s nails. Ensure that you choose the clippers that have an extra gap that will enough space for your guinea’s nails.

The baby guinea pig’s nails will have much softer, delicate nails than the older. So the human clippers may not suitable for them. Because those clippers will squeeze the nail before cutting it, this may cause pain for your baby guinea pigs.

How often should you cut the guinea pig nails?

Cutting guinea pigs nails is not an easy task but you should do this job regularly for at least once a month. You can do it more often if you can. If you forget to cut their nails, when their nails get longer, it will become curl. And this makes the next time of trimming will be more difficult.

Moreover, the curliness of the nail makes your pets get hard and uncomfortable when walking. Regular nail clipping will be better for you and your guinea pigs.

If guinea pigs do not leave your nails trimmed, calm them down with the best guinea pig treats.

What you need to prepare before cutting nails?

The guinea pig nail clippers or human nail clippers, it will be easier to cut if you have toenail clippers.

Styptic powder or corn starch to prepare in case if you trim the nails down too far and these things can help you quickly stop the bleeding. You can easily buy them at the grocery store or pharmacy.

A light towel: In case if your guinea pigs are squiggly, you can gently wrap their body and three legs in this towel to control them easily.